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FC Madras U13


This is the youngest age group of football players at FC Madras. The Under-13’s are divided into three teams for training purposes. The Elite Team, Development Team, and Emerging Team. These players represent the raw talent, who, with proper guidance and training from our coaches, can develop basic skills to play the game of football. 

Johann Cruyff once said, “You play football with your head, and your legs are there to help you.”

At this stage in their career, they will be trained to ‘think and play’ to help them make smart decisions as football players from a very young age.

Our focus with this age group is on getting familiar with the ball, improving technique, and learning the value of keeping possession. We encourage kids to learn about decision-making, risk-taking, 1v1, and understanding formation and shape. Players will learn to control and pass the ball at speed using both feet all within the framework of the team shape and the game.

Training schedule for U-13s: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


This is the oldest age group of football players that are trained at FC Madras. Like the U-13s, they are too divided into three teams for training purposes. The Elite Team, Development Team, and Emerging Team. At this stage in their career, we will help them decide as to what kind of a player they would like to be. Our coaches will offer advice and train them to excel in a particular position on the football pitch to add more value to the players. The development at this stage of a player’s career is very crucial and we, at FC Madras, take immense pride and dedication to offer top-class coaching sessions to help them develop into the future of Indian football.

With the U-15 team, we increase our focus on team training sessions, helping them to develop as a group during the week and taking what they have learnt into training matches, friendly games, or competitions. Our youth sessions become faster and more intense, allowing players to utilize control and speed in restricted areas; less space, less time, more skill. A player’s long-term development plan with us includes problem-solving, awareness of the ball, and competent technique.

Training schedule for U-15s: Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

FC Madras U15

Games programme

For the U-13 and U-15  age categories, game time is the most important element that contributes to a player’s development. Games program will allow players to get more game time and exposure to play under pressure and in different scenarios.

Players will play the following games:

  1. AIFF Youth leagues
  2. Chennai district league
  3. Inter academy tournaments
  4. Exposure tours

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