FC Madras is a premier youth football club focussing on football development from the grassroots. We have a world class football academy with Elite Category accreditation from AIFF. Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Mahabalipuram, Chennai (South India), we provide education, high-performance training, and recreational activities at our world-class residential facility. Our elite athlete program is a scholarship initiative, aimed at discovering the ‘Messi from Madras’.


Established in 2018, FC Madras is dedicated to nurturing young talent at the grassroots level. In the 2018-2019 season, our U-13 and U-15 teams clinched the championship titles in the Chennai zone of the I-League junior divisions. This success was followed by the inauguration of ‘The FC Madras Arena,’ our state-of-the-art home pitch, which was the sole FIFA-standard artificial turf in Tamil Nadu at the time.

Over the past five years, we have achieved notable victories against prominent clubs both locally and nationally. Graduates from our high-performance program have transitioned to represent various professional clubs, a testament to the quality of training and development offered at FC Madras.


To create a “Messi from Madras” through this world-class finishing academy for football.

Our vision at FC Madras is to cultivate a legacy of excellence by nurturing exceptional football talent. We aim to discover and develop the ‘Messi from Madras’ – a player who embodies skill, passion, and the indomitable spirit, setting new standards of excellence both in indian football and life.


Creating champions for life, not just champion sportsmen.
Our mission at FC Madras is to create champions for life, not just in sports. We are committed to providing a holistic development model that nurtures athletes to become well-rounded individuals, instilling values and skills that transcend the field of play.

The FC Madras

Champions can be engineered!
We have specialized practitioners coaching our student-athletes on strength and conditioning, mental well-being, and nutrition. We ensure their holistic development to prepare them for their life challenges.

The FC Madras
Logo Story

Our logo draws inspiration from the Indian Palm Squirrel, known for its agility, strength, and keen vision. This resilient creature, which never hibernates in winter, symbolizes our academy’s unwavering commitment to continuous progress and development. Similar to the squirrel’s contribution to forest regeneration, FC Madras aims to nurture not only exceptional football players but also responsible and impactful individuals. Our focus extends beyond the field, emphasizing the holistic development of our athletes. At FC Madras, we strive to instill the choicest qualities in our athletes, ensuring their readiness for life’s challenges. Like the Indian Palm Squirrel, which remains active and adaptable, we aspire to produce athletes who are agile, resilient, and prepared for success in all aspects of life.

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