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  • We are FC Madras Football is our passion, Madras is our emotion

    FC Madras is a new age football academy taking a fresh approach with an objective to create champions for life.
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    Introducing FC Madras

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    FC Madras Academy for youth excellence

    AIFF 3-Star rated Football Academy in India offering scholarships & financial assistance for residential & non-residential student-athlete programs for the development of elite youth footballers under-13 & under-15 groups.
    Built based on prescribed UEFA standards for youth academies, FC Madras provides student-athletes with world-class facilities for football training, entertainment, and education for overall youth development.
    Athletes are coached on strength & conditioning, mental well-being, and nutrition by specialised practitioners. We believe quality football & education is paramount to the success of the academy.
    Cutting-edge sports science and technology to continuously monitor and analyse the progress of our athletes. Real-time video analysis of coaching, and playing sessions through trackers.

    Proposed FC Madras Student-Athlete Facility


    India’s first youth focussed club, FC Madras Academy is going to be the country’s best provider of footballing talent while also handing education opportunities to many deserving youngsters right from the early ages of 9 till 18- creating Champions for Life!

    Nutmeg Hostel

    The Nutmeg is a totally unique student-athlete hostel living experience that you probably won’t see anywhere else in India. Designed to bring students together, and facilitate casual interactions among students- giving them ample personal space. Carefully crafted nutritional food by sports dietitians is served from a start-of-the-art kitchen to all the inmates of the hostel.

    State of the art Gallery

    The Gallery is every players dream-come-true. Designed & Equipped with UEFA standards of infrastructure. Gym, Player recovery room, Boot room, Home & Visitor team dressing rooms, Physio Rooms, Areas for Strength & Conditioning and ample lounging areas. This is FC Madras’ pride & promise to every budding footballer in the academy. The Gallery has a seating capacity of 500 viewers to view an exciting game of football.

    Our Match Playing Surface

    Temple Park, is India’s first Hybrid grass football playing surface where our squirrels will chasing opponents back and forth through the defence, mid-field & offence in an exciting game of football in the day or night. The FIFA sized youth football surface is capable of handling matches in any weather- rain or shine.

    Turf for Practice

    Playing Turf is FC Madras’ practice pitch where the squirrels are taught to move. This customizable turf can be modified to 5-a-side playing teams for professionals to rookey’s. There is only one thing you do at the turf- lean to have fun.. That’s the winning way!

    Natural Grass Experience

    Natural grass playing surface provides a much softer and forgiving playing surface for young but strong youth athletes of FC Madras. The academy’s 3rd football playing surface to cater to footballers of high-caliber.

    Theatre of Dreams

    Theatre of Dreams is FC Madras’ 350-seater fully air conditioned auditorium. From grand induction ceremonies to graduations, this auditorium will house many occasions of the institute’s history.

    Running Track

    FC Madras’s all-weather 200 metres running track is a rubberized, artificial running surface which will train athletes accelerate to greater speeds.

    Indoor Arena

    This entertainment zone will be the entertainment zone for FC Madras’ squirrels. With 3 Badminton courts convertible to a basketball court can house upto 250 spectators, fully capable of handling a youth-level tournament.

    Swimming Pool

    The students want to cool it off after a hard-days work at the pitch and at the school. FC Madras’s 25-mts swimming pool will be been set-up to provide a training venue for swimmers, whether it is for fitness or recreation. The swimming pool will be a safer environment for the Club’s youngest players so that they can enjoy the water too!

    Admission Process



    Our trial dates for the U13, U15, & U17 age categories will be announced on our website and social media. For more information on the trial dates, kindly check our web & social media.


    Once you find the trial dates, kindly pay attention to the eligibility criteria. For the players matching the eligibility criteria, it is mandatory to register online. The players can also use the link below to register (link will be live only when the trial dates are announced). Note: FC Madras do not charge any money from the players for the trials.

    Trial day

    Our team will check and verify your data for any discrepancies and will make a call to the eligible players for the trials. On the day of the trials, it is mandatory for the players to bring the proof of identity that has been mentioned.


    The players will be analysed by our expert team and based on their performance, the shortlisted players will be offered the admission. The shortlisted players will get full scholarship (zero cost to the player).


    FC Madras vision is unique and probably the only academy in the country focussed on grassroots training programs for student-athletes. I had the chance to watch a couple of youth games in the U-15 and U-13 categories, and as a national coach, I can vouch for their training and coaching techniques. The coaching staff has designed a well-structured training program inclusive of game time, strength & conditioning, and entertainment for the players. I have immense faith in the management of FC Madras, and their commitment to football in India.

    Venkatesh Shanmugam

    Former India Player and Head Coach, Indian Arrows
    The cleanliness and tidiness inside the ground and premises definitely prove to be a good resource for the talented and young players who want to train in a High-Performance Football Academy. I as a parent feel FC MADRAS is the greatest hope for developing football players who want to take football for their professional development. Playing and training for 11 a side matches will definitely help these youth I-league players improve their endurance and vision for a 90-minute match.

    Kalyananthy Satchithanantham

    Parent of a U-13 Student at FC Madras
    Having witnessed the myriad bumpy footballing surfaces around the city with serious space limitations, FC Madras arena is a dream come true for footballers. Coaching (and managing) is incredibly important for kids in their early-mid teens and it is here that I’ve seen the biggest change in the last few months. I love when my son is eager to talk about how his training session went and that is pretty much every day now. The academy coaches for sportsmanship, beyond the game and this has a positive impact on children outside the football ground and I can already see signs of it with my son.

    Ragupati Chandrasekaran

    Parent of a U-15 Student at FC Madras

    360° Athlete Wellness & Training

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    Sports Nutrition

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