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Dominant FC Madras U13 Squad:
Unbeaten in AIFF and TNFA Leagues

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FC Madras U13 Squad
Dominant FC Madras U13 Squad: Unbeaten in AIFF and TNFA Leagues

In the realm of youth football, FC Madras’s U13 squad stands as a formidable force. With an unbeaten streak in the AIFF league and securing the top spot in the TNFA league, they exhibit unparalleled prowess on the field. Comprising 16 talented players, including 3 adept goalkeepers, they’ve showcased remarkable teamwork and skill. Lalremruatfela R leads the charge as the top scorer with an impressive tally of 24 goals in the AIFF League alone. Their exceptional performance reflects in their remarkable feat of scoring the highest number of goals, a staggering 78, in the AIFF sub-junior league.

FC Madras U15 Squad:
Reigning Champions of TNFA Youth League & Table Toppers of AIFF Junior League (Group Stage)

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FC Madras U15 Squad
FC Madras U15 Squad: Reigning Champions of TNFA Youth League & Table Toppers of AIFF Junior League (Group Stage)

FC Madras U15 squad epitomizes excellence in youth football, emerging as table toppers in the AIFF Junior League Group D. They clinched the championship title in the TNFA Youth League U15, netting an astonishing total of 164 goals. Their unbeaten streak spans 25 matches, showcasing their dominance on the field. With a squad comprising 29 talented players, including 3 skilled goalkeepers, they’ve set the standard for success. Notably, the top 3 goal scorers of the TNFA Youth League hail from FC Madras, with Mohammed Shamil VPP leading the charge with 45 goals, followed by Arishif Olayath (29) and Adil Aman A (23).

FC Madras U17 Squad:
Victorious Champions of TNFA Youth League

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FC Madras U17 Squad
FC Madras U17 Squad: Victorious Champions of TNFA Youth League

FC Madras U17 squad emerges as the triumphant champions of the U17 TNFA Youth League 2023-24, securing victory with an impressive total of 34 goals. Leading the league, they topped the table with 16 points, seizing the tournament title in style. Comprising 26 talented players, including 3 proficient goalkeepers, the squad showcases remarkable prowess and determination on the field. Their exceptional performance underscores their commitment to excellence and establishes them as formidable contenders in youth football.

Facilities Star

Conferred the 3 Star Elite Category

The highest academy accreditation from AIFF



Our fully residential football academy helps nurture young athletes through our Non Residential program and FC Madras Scholarship program (Elite Program) with the best facility, infrastructure, training and coaches.


We have adopted the education curriculum prescribed by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). Our curriculum is well-rounded, focusing on sports-integrated education. Well-trained and qualified teachers provide 1:1 coaching as and when needed.

Life Skills

We emphasize on real world experiences, global perspectives, diversity, and inclusivity for our players. We enable this by giving our players and staff access to international training, coaches & educators, community connect activities, with a holistic approach.


Ravichandran Ashwin

“Congratulations on this wonderful journey of FC Madras. I took a look at the pictures of how the infrastructure has spanned out and it looks phenomenal.”

Ravichandran Ashwin
Indian Cricketer
Hardik Pandya

“I was very happy to learn about the goals of this project, where FC MADRAS is creating champions not just on the field, but on the field as well. My love and wishes are always with you guys.”

Hardik Pandya
Indian Cricketer
Dinesh Karthik

“The facility is a world-class facility and the beauty about it is they’ve integrated sport and education and that is something that is very important. Being champions in life not just in sport is what you all are doing”

Dinesh Karthik
Indian Cricketer
Ravindra Jadeja

“I would like to congratulate all the players who got the scholarship of FC Madras Academy. I know this facility is world-class as I saw few pictures and it was amazing! I wish the players good luck. Keep working hard.”

Ravindra Jadeja
Indian Cricketer
Sandhesh Jhingan

“I think what they (FC Madras) are doing is quite remarkable. From what I’ve seen there and heard how they want to go ahead in the future, I think it’s quite remarkable. And it’s great for our country, in terms of growing football. All the very best “

Sandhesh Jhingan
Footballer - Indian National Team
Rahul Bheke

“Congratulation to FC Madras on opening the residential academic campus. Best of luck to all the young playersers, keep working hard and give your best.”


Rahul Bheke
Footballer - Indian National Team
Anirudh Thapa

“I think it’s a great initiative and a good platform for the young players who are dreaming of becoming a footballer. FC Madras is the platform where they can go and learn football and just play their heart out”

Anirudh Thapa
Footballer - Indian National Team

360° Athlete
Wellness & Training

Sports Integrated Education

Most academic institutions have a clear pathway when it comes to academics and sports is part of that curriculum . FC Madras academy curriculum focuses on sports integrated education which encompasses

Holistic Athlete Development

FC Madras athlete pathway model is not only to develop football players but their character as well. Talent development is development as a human being and not just as a football player

Sports Nutrition

We are developing expertise in sports nutrition and exercise performance along with partners to deliver the best sports nutrition program designed for youth athletes

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Kickstart Your Journey To Greatness!


To assist you in finding out about FC Madras some of the commonly asked questions are shown below. If the information you need is not available then please contact us to find out more:

How can I join FC Madras as a player?

To join FC Madras as a player, you can visit our website and fill out the registration form. Our team will then contact you with details regarding trials and enrollment.

What age groups does FC Madras cater to?

FC Madras caters to U13, U15 and U17 youth academy players, currently. We also have FCM Emerging that caters to U9 and U11 non-academy players.

Can I visit FC Madras to see the facilities?

We arrange pre booked tours for minimum pax of 5 people. We charge a token fee for the tours and also make sure you have a good experience and also well hydrated! Look out for our booking page soon.

Does FC Madras offer coaching for beginners?

Yes through our FCM Emerging program and Summer camps.

Are there any upcoming events or tournaments at FC Madras?

Yes, FC Madras regularly hosts events and tournaments. You can stay updated with our upcoming events by visiting our website or following us on social media.

Can I book the FC Madras facilities for private events?

Yes, FC Madras facilities are available for private events such as premium corporate events, team-building activities and birthday parties. Write to us at events@fcmadras.com for more information on availability and pricing.

Does FC Madras have a women’s team?

We are planning to start an FC Madras women’s team soon.

What kind of education is offered at the Academy?

FC Madras has adopted the education curriculum prescribed by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), a well-rounded, sports-integrated education system. Well-trained and qualified teachers provide 1:1 coaching and education.


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